Effective brands workshop had eX-Factor

Something old…something new.

Most of the new stuff at the Effective Brands workshop at Cannes Lions run by their founder Marc de Swaan Arons this afternoon came from ex-H&K Marcomms head MaryLee Sachs – who was plugging her new book The Changing MO of the CMO.

But there were also some great anecdotes from the wry & dry Simon Clift, ex-Unilever CMO and equally successful ex-Diageo Global Marketing chief Rob Malcolm, who showed how both purposeful vision (the what) and excellent execution (the how) are key to effectiveness in global brand marketing.

Two hours is a long time for ADD-suffering Cannes Lions delegates but it worked well because the presenters all had real ‘ex-factor’, people who are knowledgeable as well as passionate about their subject.

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