(Funny) Infographics about Infographics

The best designers in the world cannot help but critique every single bit of design they see – from the cereal box at breakfast to the restaurant menu in the evening. It drives our families mad (I speak from first hand experience!). And so, with infographics being thrust on us left, right and centre, I couldn’t help but nod knowingly (and slightly smugly) at these wonderfully witty infographics about infographics.

Phil Gyford’s “Infographic”

Ivan Cash’s Infographic of Infographics

Think Brilliant’s Intimate Look at Infographics

Zabisco’s Infographic of Infographics

Alberto Antoniazzi’s Most Popular Infographics (my personal favourite)

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  1. Rob Sawkins September 28, 2011 at 4:27 pm #

    Nice collection :) Especially Phil’s. All very ‘meta’. Reminded me of the incubator incubator: http://incubatorincubator.com/

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