London 2012 Sponsors’ Social Media Performance: 25 April 2012

Last week, we started tracking the social media performance of the 25 sponsors of the London 2012 Olympic Games using our PRINT™ methodology.

One week on, we’ve updated the medals table to see what has changed.

P&G retains gold with its Proud Sponsor of Mums website and associated social media channels. Last week’s silver and bronze medal winners, BMW and Cadbury respectively, have been replaced by strong efforts from BP and Cisco with strong contributing Status and Potential scores. This is particularly apparent looking at our updated Social Media Performance Profile grid below (click for a large version).

But there’s still a long way to go, and the scores are changing daily.

Notes on our methodology

  • The PRINT Index™ is calculated using our PRINT™ social media performance measurement methodology, which provides an indicator of a brand’s effective use of social media to drive profile and engagement.
  • In this study we’re not measuring any brands other than the main games partners listed on the London 2012 website – for example, we’re not tracking likely ambush marketers. But we’re open to offers!
  • Whilst we have factored in multiple channels (sponsorship website, Twitter account, Facebook page and YouTube channel), we are measuring only those sites and accounts designated or dedicated to sponsorship activation by the brands themselves.
  • This is a quantitative analysis looking at the numbers using the PRINT™ algorithms based on more than 50 sub-metrics. However, there is clearly an opportunity for more detailed study and commentary (including by the brands themselves) about different brand strategies.
  • We’ve spent a good deal of time researching and identifying each brand’s sponsorship activation profiles and accounts for each channel (no easy task), but there may be some we’ve missed. If you think that might be the case, please let us know and we will incorporate in our next update.

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