We’ve worked both in-house and as advisors to some of the largest companies in the world.

We’re recognised by our peers – as well as our clients – as been one of the best in the business.

Being agile in the social-sphere is now more important than ever and making sense of the data and platforms and strategizing fast is the way forward for companies. When you have the framework mapped out intelligently, then you can engage and reap the rewards. That’s Sociagility.

Mel Carson, Delightful Communications

These two really know their stuff and I am sure Sociagility will help others just as they have helped Iwokrama.

Edward Glover, Iwokrama

I am confident that the concept of social agility will garner both corporate interest and, I suspect, some research interest too. The fact that the new company includes Niall and Tony already lends credence to this new perspective.

Jonathan Norman, Gower Publishing

Sociagility’s proposition is perfect in a world where it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the speed of change! The shortcut they can provide in a relevant-to-brand way is a brilliant solution.

MaryLee Sachs, author of The Changing MO of the CMO

Tony and Niall were at the beginning of the social media revolution and understand at first hand how organisations can develop an effective infrastructure to relate with speed and authenticity.

Paul Taaffe, Huntsworth plc