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The 10 best social business metrics for brands

If you’re interested in social business metrics, you’ll want to look at our PRINT™ Index score and methodology for analysing competitive social media performance.

Update: Dachis Group has now opened up a portion of its Social Business Index to the public “as a resource on social business adoption and performance. Looks pretty impressive.

To celebrate the launch of our own Social Agility Score (check yours here), we thought it would be a nice thing to round up 10 of the other leading social business scores, indices and levels designed to help brands and organisations assess their social ability and achievements. In no particular order:

Social Brand Index (SBI)™
Duxton Consulting Group

They say: The SBI™ Facebook App is a short questionnaire that resides on the brand’s Facebook page and probes the key psychological dimensions that govern the relationship between a brand and its community. The inter-relationship and strength of these psychological dimensions determine how engaged the community is with the brand, and defines the values which drive brand affinity.

We say: “Psychological dimensions”!? Might sound heavy, but actually looks very interesting for brands wanting measure and quantify the success of social media activity. Not sure if restricting it to Facebook will provide a complete picture though.

Vitrue Social Media Index™
Vitrue, Inc.

They say: The Vitrue SMI report is an easy to understand measurement of your brand’s social mentions. Based on our patent-pending technology, index scores are comprised of various mentions from social networks like Facebook and Twitter to popular media sites like YouTube and Flickr. The Vitrue SMI score provides a snapshot in time to help make sense of the overwhelming amount of measurable data.

We say: Not a lot we can say right now as the Vitrue SMI system was temporarily unavailable. Maybe we’ll try later.

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide

They say: Here is an informal score card you can use to gauge what your company is actually ready for now. Twelve questions will lead to a clear set of ideas that you can act on today – practical, not theoretical.

We say: An oldie, but still a goodie. A very simple (and probably outdated) method for self-diagnosing an organisation’s readiness to deal with social media. Luckily, we’re “excited to engage”…

Klout Score

They say: The Klout Score measures influence based on your ability to drive action. Every time you create content or engage you influence others. The Klout Score uses data from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Foursquare in order to measure: how many people you influence (True Reach); how much you influence them (Amplification); how influential they are (Network Score).

We say: The influence metric that everyone’s talking about, but we can’t help thinking that it’s more about ego-stroking than anything else. The metrics that go to make up the overall score (true reach, amplification and network score) are arguably more useful to brands, when combined with other sources of data.

PeerIndex Score

They say: Your overall PeerIndex score is a relative measure of your online authority. The PeerIndex Score reflects the impact of your online activities, and the extent to which you have built up social and reputational capital on the web. At its heart, PeerIndex addresses the fact that merely being popular (or having gamed the system) doesn’t indicate authority. Instead, we build up your Authority fingerprint on a topic-by-topic level using our eight benchmark topics.

We say: The influence metric that everyone’s talking about when they’re not talking about Klout.

Social Media Reputation (SMR)

They say: SMR stands for Social Media Reputation. SMR is a popularity index to rank brands’ popularity in social spaces. It’s also a monitoring and insight service provided by Yomego to help brands track opinion, highlight influencers and identify threats. The Yomego team works with clients to analyse and validate the raw data and suggest a prioritised list of recommendations to help the client to achieve its objectives.

We say: Looks very user-friendly and the cards and commentaries for some of the bigger brands (cough, prospects, cough) are kind of cute. Would be nice to test it out without becoming part of a Yomego lead generation pool though.

Social Business Maturity Level
Altimeter Group

They say: For each section, choose the statement that best describes your social business program. Give yourself 1 point if you choose “1,” 2 points if you choose “2,” and 3 points if you choose “3.” Add up your total score below to determine your social business maturity level.

We say: Hard to argue with much that Altimeter put out. This is a nice way of assessing your organisation’s level of social business maturity in order to then understand the implications of their much more extensive programme of research.

Social Business Index
Dachis Group

They say: Please enter your access code to enter the site.

We say: Dachis announced the launch of its Social Business Index in June 2011 as “the only information service providing ongoing real-time ranking, analysis, and benchmarking of Social Business adoption and performance of the world’s most connected and engaged companies on hundreds of key engagement and activity metrics across social platforms globally.” Unless you’re one of those companies privileged enough to be accepted, there’s nothing more to see so move along. Hopefully they’ll live up to the promise of a free public version “later this Summer”.

Social Spam Index

They say: Today we unveiled the Impermium Index — the first, comprehensive set of data and analysis on the types and severity of social web spam and abuse. It shows that not only are social web attacks growing exponentially in number, but there is an increasing sophistication to the tactics used by spammers; we also reveal that your user growth stats may not be as accurate as you thought.

We say: Not quite a score, but interesting for some brands nonetheless, when you consider the finding that Ugg (the boots) was the #1 most exploited brand in social media by a factor of x2 over Gucci and x5 over Prada. As the spam-fighters at Imperium say, “for site owners, the rampant issue of registration fraud has many significant ramifications including a company’s ability to accurately value its user base and determine the actual cost of new customer acquisition.”

10 TweetLevel

They say: This tool will be in permanent beta as we seek to continually improve its functionality based upon your feedback. Even though we believe that it goes a great way to understand and quantify the varying importance of different people’s usage of Twitter, by no means whatsoever do we believe we have fully solved the ‘influence’ problem. What we would appreciate is your views, advice and criticism is crucial in helping us understand social media measurement.

We say: TweetLevel was probably one of the first attempts to measure influence on Twitter. Like Klout, the individual metrics (popularity, engagement and trust) are possibly more useful for a brand than the overall score. For 2011, it’s been joined by BlogLevel which does the same for blogs (what else?). Also like Klout, you are sometimes left wondering, ‘so what?’

So there we go. Ten of the best. Now tell me which ones I missed.

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